About Premier Security Systems

Leading Independent Security Company

Premier Security is a leading full service electronic security provider with decades of experience in the security industry.  Almost any company can install an alarm system, but can they provide you with a total security package?  At Premier, we consider a security system to be more than just wire, keypads, sirens, and a few sensors.  We take the art of security to a whole new level.

We select only the best security products and we continually train our staff on the latest product technology.  Good equipment is meaningless unless you know where and when to use each piece.  The final element of our success is the service and support we provide post-installation.  For over thirty years, we have provided excellent support services to our clients.  Whether you need a simple or complex security system for your home or business, Premier will work with you to provide an affordable customized solution using the latest technologies.


At Premier, we have the most accomplished, most qualified, and most dedicated professionals in the business.  Our people are skilled in the security industry and specially trained to analyze and solve any security-related situation.  In our experience no two systems are alike.  That is why we work hard in planning your system and your monitoring service to meet your specific needs.


The key to an effective security system is the detection of threatening conditions at the earliest possible moment.

Our central station is UL approved, meeting all of Underwriters Laboratories criteria. Premier Monitoring gives personalized attention to each and every individual incident reported.  We are always on duty – our commitment to protection is our number one priority.